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This a lily my mom has in her garden. Check out the point cloud on this synth.
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Date Created 8/18/2008

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Nathan Over 1 year ago
This has an incredible point cloud, nice work lily.
Sarah Over 1 year ago
Hit the control key and see the wheel/taurus- it is an awesome 3D image. Then use the + button on top right to see the detail in the pictures- just beautiful!!
Ridge Over 1 year ago
Wow lily, that's really cool! I love pressing control and then clicking the wheel and swirling around the 3D image.
JackHalb Over 1 year ago
I can press CTRL put I don't see no torus. Where is it to appear?
Erwyn Over 1 year ago
Thanks "Lily". This is a beautiful example of the power of Photosynth.
Nathan Over 1 year ago
JackHalb, if you mouse around the center of the flower the torus should appear.
ianmckay Over 1 year ago
very amazing, looking forward to more
Churchergy Over 1 year ago
Love to see great work like this, good job!
confidence Over 1 year ago
I love this.. It's beautiful! Nice work Lily! ;)
JLawpaugh Over 1 year ago
Very nice work, best cloud I've seen so far.
Buds_2511 Over 1 year ago
Brianna Over 1 year ago
This is simply beautiful. I'm speechless!
Nathanael Over 1 year ago
That's a right beauty, you've got there! Splendid work!
aacoombe Over 1 year ago
awesome, beautiful
prabhakaran Over 1 year ago
reallly niceeeeeee!!!!!!!! i love it
raamkla Over 1 year ago
You mean CTRL on the computer ??
Nothing happens when I do that!
Where else is the "controle " ?
mikegoodstadt Over 1 year ago
I've just sold my shares in companies making 3d scanners ;)
More flowers please...
Serious_NERD Over 1 year ago
This is a beautiful photosynth , please do more of these. BTW If you haven't discovered this yet press P for 3D.
adrian.bloomer Over 1 year ago
You can make synths like this if you always keep the camera the same distance away from the object. It is amazing that this is so great with only 71 Photos!
Nathan Over 1 year ago
Yes to get the halo you want to keep the camera about the same distance from the object, but it does not have to be exact.
kanzon Over 1 year ago
stan3less Over 1 year ago
really well done, congratz
Ridge Over 1 year ago
It is spring agian, are we going to see more of these lily synths:)
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