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Get all your questions answered about our latest Photosynth Technical Preview.  433
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Share tips for making and sharing amazing panoramas from your phone.  144
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Geotags, aerial synths, street synths… capturing events as they happen. If you can mark it on a map, then this is the place to talk about it.  45
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Can’t seem to get something to synth right? Curious about what lens is best? Ask your fellow Photosynthers here.  312
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Created a great synth or panorama? Shot some great photos? Showcase some of your best work here.  241
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Photogrammetric, Oblique Image Stitching, Pets Dressed in Clothes Photos… this is a place to chat and share stories with your fellow Photosynthers. Not all topics have to be about photography, this is a place to relax and chat about whatever you fancy.  245
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Photosynth Info

New features, updated old ones and general news from the Photosynth team.  65
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Did the leaves fall off? Something not working right? Let us know how we can improve the Photosynth experience.  390
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Do you have an idea for an awesome feature we should add… or hate the way we’re currently doing something? Share your ideas and suggestions here.  474
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